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Pain2Joy Approach:

At its core, Pain2Joy revolutionizes the way we perceive and handle life's challenges, transforming them from mere hardships into opportunities for profound personal growth and community building.

Essential Elements:

Navigating Through Pain and Suffering: The essence of Pain2Joy lies in recognizing and understanding our own pain and suffering. This recognition is the first step towards healing and profound transformation.

Fostering Resilience and Character: Pain2Joy places great emphasis on resilience during difficult times. It encourages character development by compelling individuals to face their challenges head-on, fostering inner strength and resilience.

Encouraging Hope and a Shift in Mindset: A pivotal aspect of Pain2Joy is nurturing hope and a forward-looking mindset. It promotes the adoption of nine key mindsets - unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control - which are instrumental in reinterpreting life experiences and embracing change.

Visual Representation of the Pain2Joy Path: What sets Pain2Joy apart is its unique portrayal of the journey from pain to joy. The program vividly brings to life the stories of notable individuals, illustrating how adversity can be transformed into enriching experiences. These visual narratives, especially in video form, offer a deep and relatable insight into the human condition.

Creating a Community through Shared Experiences: Pain2Joy goes beyond personal growth; it aims to forge a community united by common experiences. By sharing stories of pain and triumph that resonate with others, it fosters empathy and connection, bridging gaps between families, friends, and even strangers, and forging strong bonds.

Global Impact and Inclusiveness: Pain2Joy is designed to resonate globally, grounded in the belief that everyone experiences pain in some form. Its universal principles and inclusive approach make it relevant and accessible to diverse populations across the globe.

Impact: Pain2Joy is more than just a healing tool; it's a catalyst for global unity and empathy. By enabling individuals to articulate and visualize their journeys from hardship to happiness, it not only transforms individual lives but also contributes to a broader narrative of resilience, hope, and human connection.

Ultimately, Pain2Joy stands as a symbol of hope and a transformative force, uniting people worldwide not only in their transition from adversity to joy but also in their journey from solitude to community and from silence to expression.

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My Story

Joshua Johnson started his business career in China in 2013, gaining traction in 2016 for AI ethics research that evolved into Pain2Joy. He worked at Sinopharm from 2017 to 2018, leveraging blockchain for supply chain improvements. Until 2022, he advised on global projects in web3, gaming, and government. His expertise in Roblox and understanding of young gamers' preferences drive his commitment to the spatial web community.

Additionally, Johnson actively supports social causes through initiatives like,, and, focusing on social impact learning. He organized a UN hackathon in Istanbul for refugees in 2016, collaborating with six UN agencies and multinational corporations.

My Books

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